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Say HELLO to my new Blog!

Hello friends! Welcome to my FIRST post in my brand new and still improving blog 😜.

To be quite honest I literally have no clue what I am doing, but HEY it's an A for effort in my book. To those that don't know me yet my name is Stephanie. I technically started my blogging journey in January of 2020, but I was only using IG as my platform (@SUGARDSTILETTOS). So, as of the date of this post I am only a little over six months in and I am hooked.

Blogging had been something that I had wanted to do for YEARS. I love writing, I am OBSESSED with fashion/traveling and taking pictures, oh and I love sharing my life with people (ask any of my poor friends that had to watch my snapchat stories for years.... it was always a production). BUT I avoided starting a blog like the plague because I was so nervous what people would think. Yeah me, the girl who does not care what people think of her most of the time, was now worried what people would think. I was scared of people thinking I was stupid or that it was the worst thing they had ever seen. TBH it probably was for a couple months, maybe even sometimes now, but that's called growth... it's part of the process.

You see I have a serious problem with striving for perfection and thinking things won't be good enough until I think them through for about 999,999,999 hours and then repeat that 10 more times. If I kept waiting until I had the "perfect" platform I still wouldn't have one because NEWS FLASH perfection is an impossible standard to reach 99.9% of the time. So, I finally said F it and did the damn thing and I can not even tell you how happy it has made me.

Little background about myself, I am a full time tax lawyer so my overthinking and overanalyzing mindset fits perfectly into that mold. I think I love the problem solving aspect of my job so much because it literally gives my mind exactly what it needs… something to keep it busy for hours on end. I knew that I wanted to go to law school since I was in high school. I took one class called "Practical Law" and while most of my class hated it, I found myself so intrigued with the pages and pages of case law I was reading. Going to law school and pursuing a legal career became my number one goal to set out and accomplish. It was single handedly (or double handedly, if you count passing the bar exam too) one of the most difficult and strenuous things I have ever put myself through, but I did it and it was so worth it.

However, that career path is only part of who I am and while keeping up with the latest fashion trends and zip lining through the Mexican jungle is great, it's not exactly a resume builder for my line of work (although I think it should be). I created my blog as a platform to express all the other parts of who I am, apart from being a lawyer. I want to make this page a place that inspires you, whether that entails what you should wear to your next event, where you should book your next trip, or simply how to make a margarita like a pro. You can thank my fiancé, Shaun, for that last one because I can't make a drink to save my life.

I also hope that this story inspires some of you to step outside of your comfort zone and stay true to yourself. Do what makes YOU happy. We are often so caught up worrying about what other people might think of us, that we sometimes let our passions take the back burner. All I have to say is DO NOT fall into that trap because if you are passionate about something, nothing else matters.

So CHEERS and welcome to my journey!


PS. OUTFIT DETAILS are usually linked on my LTK page (SUGAREDSTILETTOS)

UNLESS, it's from a boutique which this one is, SO here are the details:

ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴀʟᴡᴀʏs,

sᴜɢᴀʀᴇᴅ sᴛɪʟᴇᴛᴛᴏs

(By Stephanie)


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