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Microblading— Everything You Want to Know + The Healing Process!

Let's talk BROWS… perfect, beautiful, semi-permanent brows.

For those that don't know microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo which makes your brows appear fuller . A small tool is used to apply pigment to your eyebrows using a "feather stroke" technique which essentially creates perfect NATURAL looking brows. It is a GAME CHANGER for girls with thin-to-non-existent eyebrows, as it eliminates the need to consistently pencil in your eyebrows every morning. It's also great for girls who just want more defined brows!

If you are somebody like me who over plucked + over waxed your eyebrows for years in high school because "thin AF brows" used to be in back in the day (curse whoever started this trend) then you will LOVE microblading. JUST LOOK at this before and after picture!!!

I have been getting my eyebrows microbladed since 2011 or 2012 before it was even a thing and was still called "eyebrow tattooing". Thankfully somebody came up with a better name because eyebrow tattooing just sounds terrifying. The first time I ever got it done, regardless of what it was called, I was hooked because it was that good. BUT please just let me advise you to do your research on the place you are going to before booking an appointment because I had one horror story over the years of microblading— whole section on this below!

Below please find my responses to the most common asked questions, as well as some questions that you guys asked me on Instagram (@sugaredstilettos).


  1. Wash your hair, trust me! You can't get your eyebrows wet while they are healing so I like to get a good hair wash in prior to my appointment so I can go without washing my hair for a few days!

  2. Avoid alcohol (yes, that means no margaritas!), caffeine, fish oil, vitamin e, ibuprofen, or any blood thinning medications for 24 hrs before.

  3. Do not go tanning in any form (indoor/outdoor/self tanner) before your appointment. Sun exposure is not recommended at 2 weeks prior unless you wear sunblock. I went to St. Lucia before I went and just wore a ton of sunblock on my face and I was fine!

  4. Book your appointment timely meaning don't book it when you know you have a big event coming up or are going on vacation. You don't want to have to be worrying about your brows.

  5. Avoid any kind of medspa treatment (facials, chemical peels, botox, etc) for at least 2 weeks before.

  6. Avoid getting this procedure done while you have your period due to increased sensitivity.

  7. Your technician should send you everything you need to know before your first appointment!


  • I go to Six Sigma in Southington, CT and see the owner Truc. I have been to her 3-4 times now and can proudly vet that she is an eyebrow microblading wizard. She is also an APRN and knows her stuff!

  • If you book an appointment with her and use the code (SUGARED10) it will get you 10% off through the end of February 2021. 10% might not sound like much, but it goes a long way since this is an expensive procedure. So if you have been thinking about it and you are local to the area take advantage of that offer!


  • If it is your first time it takes between 2-3 hours because she maps out your brows and will walk you through everything first. Wear comfy clothes!

  • If you have been going to her for years like me and are just going in for a touchup it takes around 1.5 hours.


  • Everybody is different and several factors play into how long they last, but on average I would say between 1-2 years. To increase the length of time they last avoid excess sun exposure without sunblock and exfoliating your face!

  • Personally I get mine touched up every year because I like them looking vibrant and fresh.


  • Every place is different but the cost ranges from $400-1200. I personally would avoid the lower range!

  • It cost $699 for microblading where I go and $818 for the microblading + shading. I got microblading and shading duo the first two times, but my third time I only needed to get microblading.

  • Yes, I know it is expensive but you are literally putting something semi-permanent on your FACE so I would not recommend trying to cut costs on this one.


  • It is definitely not an enjoyable feeling without numbing cream. It feels like a repetitive burning scratch and definitely makes me cringe. BUT, it is tolerable and 100% worth any discomfort because HELLO gorgeous brows. Also, as mentioned above do not schedule an appointment when you have your period because your body is very sensitive during this time frame.

  • However, with numbing cream it virtually eliminates 80-90% of the discomfort. It feels like a slight scratching/rolling sensation.

  • Why am I differentiating between with and without numbing cream? Typically you can either get numbing cream put on your eyebrows before the first pass of the blade which virtually eliminates the discomfort or after the second pass. If you can wait until the second pass of the blade before getting numbing your color tends to last longer because the ink can set into the skin better without any product previously put on your brows. I personally wait until the second pass before I get numbing cream because I find the result worth it. BUT, if it's your first time and you are nervous then get the numbing cream for the first pass for peace of mind!


  • Everything I use to care for my eyebrows and described below is linked here!

  • FIRST 24 HRS— Avoid sweating and getting them wet! The only time they get exposed to water is when you clean the area using a damp cotton pad to wipe the area and then apply a thin layer of acquafor with a Q-tip. Clean them every hour for the first day!

  • FIRST WEEK— Repeat the process described above every 5 hours. Still avoid excessive sweating and getting your eyebrows wet!

  • DO NOT apply makeup to the tattooed area for 2 weeks! I usually don't apply makeup for the first week, but then I start applying makeup around the area. Buy makeup wipes if you want to wear makeup because you can't wash your face!

  • NO swimming pools or ocean swimming for 2 weeks!

  • AVOID direct sun exposure for the first 2 weeks!


  • To be frank, it's not the most glamorous, but it's worth it!

  • Days 1-3: Eyebrows will look full and BOLD. They appear darker during these first few days, so don't get nervous if you think they look too dark at first! They will also be the most sensitive during this time period and the area will be tender.

  • Days 4-7: Eyebrows start to flake and you may start to worry that they are falling off because the ink starts coming off, but it's normal! HOLY ITCHINESS…. this is when the eyebrow area starts to get very itchy, but avoid itching it at all costs. Itching is normal it just means your skin is healing.

  • Days 8-11: Flaking continues and scabbing begins. DO NOT pick the scabs as it can scar or reopen the wounds. Let the scabs flake off naturally. The color will also start to fade during this stage and you may think they look patchy and start to worry. DON'T, it's completely normal.

  • Days 12 -14: Flaking ends and color starts to return. YAY!

  • After 1 month: Your skin should be completely healed and you can enjoy your gorgeous natural looking brows!


  • They recommend avoiding strenuous workouts for 1 week after your appointment, BUT light exercising is allowed (minimal sweating).


  • I can not stress this point enough. Make sure you look into the place that you are going to THOROUGHLY. Check the work by looking at pictures, check the reviews, and absolutely vet the place you are going to.

  • I had one horror experience over the years which resulted in uneven brows and a brow line that went above the rest of my brow hair line. I talk about this more in depth on my instagram, so if you want to hear my horror story click here. It's saved to a highlight called "Microblading".


  • If I could scream YES to the rooftops then I would because that is how much I personally love it. BUT, it is not for everybody and I get that.

  • I am also not saying everybody needs this, but if you are somebody like me who was sick and tired of penciling in her brows I definitely think you should consider it!

PS… If you don't already follow me on IG, I love new faces! As mentioned above I also have a whole highlight dedicated to microblading on my page! Click here to check it out— @sugaredstilettos

Love Always,

Sugared Stilettos

By Stephanie


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