To all the 2020-2021 Brides Planning their Weddings in a Pandemic

This is a message to all those brides out there trying to plan their weddings right now. I hope this provides you with some comfort during these crazy times.

I get it. As a bride currently trying to plan her own wedding I understand what’s weighing heavy on your heart, even if you choose to externally put on a happy face. I wish that I could just give every one of you a big hug right now because I know how stressful it is.

I also know that some part of you feels guilty for even being upset because you know that there are MUCH bigger problems in the world than your wedding. Trust me I feel guilty even talking about it sometimes because it makes me feel selfish. But It’s okay to feel sad. It’s okay to be stressed out. And it’s okay to cry. Yes, in the grand scheme of things this is minuscule in nature and if this is the hardest thing we are ever faced with in our lives then we should consider ourselves lucky. BUT that does NOT mean you aren’t entitled to the emotions you are feeling. You’re navigating through something nobody has ever had to navigate through before.

As little girls we dream about getting married. And when we finally meet our forever person we dream about it even more because the realness of it all sets in. We have this big grand plan in our minds of what our weddings will look like and I know that right now we feel a bit robbed of that vision. This is supposed to be one of the happiest and most magical times of our lives, but instead it has become this looming cloud of uncertainty.

Instead of stressing out about the color of your linens or the decor, you’re trying to figure out if you can even have your wedding + if you can have it what it will even look like. Instead of people asking about all the “fun details” of your wedding planning, people are asking you what you plan on doing with your wedding with everything going on. To anybody reading this that knows somebody getting married please stop asking us that. We all truthfully have no idea. We don’t have a crystal ball. And we don’t want to keep thinking about it anymore until we absolutely have to. It’s in God’s hands.

What I have learned through this process is that the things that you thought you couldn’t live without at your wedding seem so trivial now. You start to realize the small things don’t really matter that much anymore. You realize that even if your wedding is not going to look exactly like what you had once hoped for it’s still going to be perfect. Because at the end of the day you’re marrying your best friend and that truthfully is the only thing that matters.

See this guy right here? He keeps me strong and grounded. He’s my best friend and my rock. He has my whole heart and I can not wait to marry him. Our wedding might not be what we thought it would look like, heck we still don’t even know what it’s going to look like. But what we do know is that we have each other and that’s all that matters.

Hold on to that love you when you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious because it will carry you through anything.

Sending all of you all my love! ♥️

Sugared Stilettos

By Stephanie Knightly